Working From Home?

Thanks to advanced technology, it is often no longer necessary to work in the conventional shared office space we’ve been used to.

Why not have a garden office?

It can be a dream come true to ‘commute’ down your garden path to your purpose-built office. Immediately your stress levels drop, your efficiency rises and long hours spent travelling to and from work are eradicated.  Accepted, there is an initial outlay but this doesn’t have to be high and within a few months it will pay for itself.

You will no longer need your dog-walker and when your older kids’ are off school, you will be around rather than relying on costly childcare.

Instead of compromising your living space by finding areas to work which inevitably have to be cleared away each day, you can design your office to be perfect for what you need.  As you finish work, you can shut the door and walk away, knowing it will be ready to pick up again the following day.

When designing your bespoke office space, give some careful thought to your requirements

If possible, allow as much natural light into your office space as possible but protect yourself from the midday sun which could become uncomfortably warm during the summer months.  If necessary, you can always pull a blind across the window.

When considering the position for your new office, think about the view.  Do you want it facing the house or would you prefer it to be pointing in a different direction?  You may have an area of garden further away from your house that isn’t fully utilised at the moment.  Sometimes, an area overgrown with brambles and vegetation can be bigger than you think.

Something else to think about is the view of your new office as seen from your house.  If you are looking down from the first floor onto the roof of the building, would you want the roof covering to be slate-effect or are you happy with conventional felt or a rubber roof?

Use your garden office all year round

For year round use and energy efficiency it is wise to opt for full insulation to the walls, floor and ceiling as well as investing in double glazing.  Sliding doors are the best choice for making the most of your internal space.

Flooring should be easy to clean as the winter months may cause you to tread mud in from your walk down the garden.

For heating you may choose an electric version of the conventional woodburning stove.  These plug-in smoke effect heaters are very realistic and give instant heat without the mess and need to store logs.

Other options are basic plug in ground or wall mounted heaters, readily available from a wide range of suppliers

Give some thought to how you will position your desk.  Ideally you want natural light but not glare.


Accessories your office space

Will you need room for a filing cabinet, a small sofa or book shelves?  Maybe consider some wall shelves for plants for that personal touch.  If you are likely to entertain clients, you might want an area to make tea and coffee and a small table to put your mugs on.  A couple of coat hooks might be a worthwhile addition too.


It’s a good idea to think all this through before placing your order for a building.  The design can be adjusted to incorporate what you need, making the building even more user-friendly and enjoyable to work in.

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