Ket Facts

  • PROJECT: The Americas Zone, Tilgate Nature Park
  • LOCATION: Crawley, Surrey
  • CLIENT: Crawley Borough Council
  • SIZE: 3 Large Animal Buildings for the Tilgate Nature Centre
  • TIMING: 12 Weeks

TYype and size of project

Tilgate Nature Park situated in Crawley, is a Nature Park open to the public. In 2018, NFF built 3 large animal houses for their new section of the park, The Americas Zone consisting of housing for Capybara, Marmosets & Reptiles.


Description of project

Working closely with Crawly council and the Tilgate Park Management we were able to complete the project to budget and within the required time frames.

The following buildings ranging in size. Capybara 5m x 4m, Marmosets House 6m x 4m, Reptile House 10m x 5m.

Building Specifications:

All the buildings were timber frame structures.

Wall construction was pressure treated 100mm x 50mm timber stud with pressure treated shiplap external cladding.

Insulation to external walls using 100mm rigid Celotex insulation.

Large windows were set in a wooden frame using double glazed, toughened glass.

The floors were a single brick course to the perimeter with a screed laid over, set to fall to drainage gulley.

Some of the buildings included an interior fit out using metalwork internal divides designed and manufactured in our NFF steel workshop in Horam, East Sussex,

Steelworks consisted of floor to ceiling steel frames using 25mm x 25mm, 12g weldmesh box section galvanised steel frames with small double swing feeder fitted at ground level in each section.