Like many of us, you may be feeling your home is rather crowded at the moment. 

With the kids’ at home trying to continue their education and maybe you parents also working from home, space can be at a premium. 

If you have a garden, you might consider using a small area to create some extra indoor working space. 

Keep it Simple

You don’t need a big or expensive building.  An average work station is 6’ x 4’ and some are smaller.  This would be adequate to house a desk to potentially accommodate a couple of people. 

Something basic that is dry with the facility to run an extension lead in for heat and a desk light would be adequate.  A window is essential otherwise it could feel very claustrophobic but this need not be an expensive glass unit, a Perspex version would fit the purpose and keep the cost down. 


Should you wish to upgrade the building, this can be done to incorporate insulation to either the floor and roof or to include the walls too.  If you are planning to use the building all-year round for working in, it would be more efficient to heat.  Double glazed window/s and door would also be a benefit during colder weather. 

A standard mineral felt roof is a good option but if you are looking onto the building from upstairs windows, you might decide to upgrade to a tile effect roof.

There are endless uses for a building in your garden.  It can be used for storage of household items or garden furniture, machinery, tools and much more. 

Kids of all ages benefit from space to escape to that is within the boundary of the home.  Youngsters love somewhere to set up their toys and enjoy imaginary games, away from the adults but near enough to be safe and watched.  It’s great for parents too not have to keep clearing up toys that encroach on the daily living space.

Older children enjoy a ‘den’ they can chill out in.  It gives them a level of independence on a manageable scale.  An old sofa, chairs or even cushions on the floor will be part of the fun. 

Teenagers crave their own space and often, we parents need space from them!  To be able to remove them from the house, allowing them to take calls from their mates without feeling we are listening in, can save a lot of rows. 

Give some thought to what size of building you need and what you will use it for.  Remember to think long-term as kids’ grow up and their requirements change.  A decent timber building will adapt to their (and your) ongoing needs. 

Think about where you would site a work station, given the window and door position.  Consider the direction of the sun and whether the area you are choosing to site the building, is in a windy position.  Ideally, you wouldn’t want the door opening directly into the prevailing wind so you might decide to have the door on a different side.

We can never have enough indoor space so the option to increase it at an affordable figure has to be an attractive one.

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