David Cameron should have bought a ‘shed’ from NFF!

David’s new ‘shed’ will be a great space for him to work in or relax in and I am sure the kids’ would love to sneak in a sleepover there too.

So many possibilities….

They come in many different guises and can been utilised in lots of ways.  Mr. Cameron has chosen to write in his.  Away from the distractions of the house, he should be able to work undisturbed whilst keeping snug with his wood burner and probably full insulation and double-glazing throughout.

Top spec building…

Had Mr. Cameron come to the friendly NFF Ltd.  team, he might have considered buying one of our contemporary garden offices with house-grade double glazing, a full electrics pack and a rubber roof (with a 50-year life expectancy).  None of that noisy tin on the roof when it rains!  We would have designed the building to suit his requirements, even giving him a choice of UPVC window frame colour.   We would have suggested he consider a remote-control heater panel which he could have had made with a picture of his family etc. on it.  Wood burners are an option many of our customer enjoy but not everyone wants the mess.  It is nice to flick on your heating remotely to warm the building up ready for use.

Size (& price) matters…

It is reported that Mr. C paid £25,000 for his 16ft x 7ft building.  He could have bought a fully insulated 16ft x 8ft stunner from us for just £8,950.

We look forward to seeing you next time Mr. Cameron!