Portofino Superior Summerhouse

12’x 8’ shown with optional cedar cladding (£5,135).

Eaves height


Ridge height


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Modern double glazed storm windows and doors, 50x50mm framing, 75x50mm roof framing, 50x50mm tanalised floor joists, fully rebated doors and frame, double glazed double doors and fixed windows throughout, mortice lock and lever handle, heavy-duty felt, diagonal bracing and 2 rear vents.

Now includes - toughened glass free of charge!

Sizes from 3050 x 2440mm (10’x8’)


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3050 x 2440mm (10'x8')£2,566£2,937£4,765
3050 x 3050mm (10'x10')£3,573
3660 x 2440mm (12'x8')£3,690£4,088£6,376
3050 x 3660mm (10'x12')£4,257£4,767£7,479
3660 x 3050mm (12'x10')£4,395£4,873£7,441
4267 x 2440mm
3660 x 3660mm (12'x12')£4,900
4876 x 2440mm
4267 x 3050mm
3660 x 4267mm (12'x14')£5,685£6,216£9,444
4876 x 3050mm
4267 x 3660mm
4876 x 3660mm
3660 x 4876mm (12'x16')£6,471
4267 x 4267mm
3660 x 5490mm (12'x18')£7,259£7,940£12,085
4876 x 4267mm
4267 x 4876mm
4876 x 4876mm
4267 x 5490mm
4876 x 5490mm
(Prices shown include VAT and are for standard softwood models)

Optional extras include:

Cedar cladding: A luxurious and quality cladding. Unrivaled longevity.

Cedar timber roof: An attractive and durable roof made with cedar roofing boards.

Cedar shingle roof: The highest grade roofing material.

Heavy duty floor: Thicker tongue and groove flooring

Felt tiles: A premium roofing finish, available in a choice of colours.

Pre-painted in a single colour.

Extra opening window.

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