Premier Pent Shed

10’x 8’ R1 shown (£1,590).

Eaves height


Ridge height

(8’) 2200mm (10’) 2200mm

Optional extras include:

Cedar cladding: A luxurious and quality cladding. Unrivaled longevity.

Toughened glass: Ideal when safety is a concern

Heavy duty floor: Thicker tongue and groove flooring

Door positions available

1 - 7 High x Lowside (Double)

What sturdier bolt-hole could anyone want! Constructed in heavy-duty framing with double doors and a double opening window. It provides a place to while away the hours mending, sawing or enjoying your favourite pastime.


Fully framed mortice and tenon double doors, mortice lock with key and door handle, double opening window, profiled weather cill, 50x50mm framing, 50x50mm tanalised floor joists, heavy-duty felt, heavy-duty hinges, 75x50mm roof framing and diagonal b racing.

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2440 x 2440mm (8’x 8’)£1,503£1,821£2,757
3050 x 2440mm (10’x 8’)£1,803£2,091£3,051
3660 x 2440mm (12’x 8’)£1,886£2,289£3,427
4270 x 2440mm (14’x 8’)£2,087£2,540£3,811
4880 x 2440mm (16’x 8’)£2,284£2,772£4,172
5490 x 2440mm (18’x 8’)£2,492£3,020£4,550
6096 x 2440mm (20’x 8’)£2,699£3,271£4,928
2440 x 3050mm (8’x 10’)£1,886£2,249£3,464
3050 x 3050mm (10’x 10’)£2,094£2,542£3,762
3660 x 3050mm (12’x 10’)£2,293£2,776£4,242
4270 x 3050mm (14’x 10’)£2,543£3,100£4,708
4880 x 3050mm (16’x 10’)£2,795£3,397£5,171
5490 x 3050mm (18’x 10’)£3,052£3,716£5,637
6100 x 3050mm (20’x 10’)£3,305£4,019£6,108
(Prices shown include VAT and are for standard softwood models)