Popular Pent Shed

8’x 6’ shown (£660).

Eaves height


Ridge height

(4’/5’/6’) 2020mm (8’) 2110mm

Optional extras include:

Cedar cladding: A luxurious and quality cladding. Unrivaled longevity.

Toughened glass: Ideal when safety is a concern

Heavy duty floor: Thicker tongue and groove flooring

Door positions available

Popular pent


Ledge & Braced Door, Press Lock, 610 x 610 Windows. Black Hinges.

Sizes from 1830 x 1220mm (6’x 4’)

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1830 x 1220mm (6’x 4’)£602£774£1309
2135 x 1525mm (7’x 5’)£676£864£1501
2440 x 1830mm (8’x 6’)£762£974£1740
2440 x 2440mm (8’x 8’)£1114£1437£2382
3050 x 1830mm (10’x 6’)£953£1211£2030
3050 x 2440mm (10’x 8’)£1262£1634£2612
(Prices shown include VAT and are for standard softwood models)

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