8’x 6' shown above with optional painting, deluxe cladding and square grey felt tiles.

Eaves height


Ridge height

(4') 2151mm (5’) 2236mm  (6’) 2356mm (8’) 2601mm

This unique garden shed is a duel purpose building, being pleasing to the eye and solves all of your storage needs too.


Fully framed mortice and tenon georgian style single door, mortice lock with key and door handle, georgian style opening side window, toughened glass, old worlde black hinges, 50x50mm tanalised floor joists, diagonal bracing and polyester roofing felt.

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1830 x 1220mm (6’x 4’)£879£1,045£1,665
1830 x 1830mm (6’x 6’)£948£1,131£1,807
2135 x 1525mm (7'x5')£1,034£1,217£1,930
2440 x 1830mm (8’x 6’)£1,179£1,383£2,230
2440 x 2440mm (8’x 8’)£1,526£1,835£2,791
3050 x 1830mm (10’x 6’)£1,455£1,707£2,668
3050 x 2440mm (10’x 8’)£1,819£2,181£3,269
3660 x 1830mm (12’x 6’)£1,602£1,900£2,943
3660 x 2440mm (12’x 8’)£1,933£2,326£3,506
4270 x 2440mm (14’x 8’)£2,151£2,615£3,954
4880 x 2440mm (16’x 8’)£2,370£2,900£4,399
5490 x 2440mm (18’x 8’)£2,592£3,185£4,845
6100 x 2440mm (20'x 8’)£2,810£3,472£5,130
(Prices shown include VAT and are for standard softwood models)