NFF Sheds

With a huge range of options, a bespoke NFF shed makes an ideal space both hobbies and work alike.

We pride ourselves on supplying high quality sheds. Our sheds are superior to many of our competitors and are typically stronger than those found in larger chain retailers.



Ex 75x50mm smooth finish framework.


Ex 125x19mm redwood shiplap.

Breathable membrane on all walls to provide vapour barrier.


Ex 150x22mm tongue and groove.


Tongue and groove boarding with heavy duty green mineral felt.


Ledged and braced door.
Galvanised hinges and padbolt.


Treated bearers for floor to maintain air circulation underneath.
Stainless steel ring shanked nails for longevity and no staining of timber
1.8m eaves height

Choose your design and size

Typically, sheds can be built with either a pent or apex style roof. The orientation of the roof can be altered to suit your garden. This means your shed can be tucked away in a corner, or perhaps even be a focal point in the garden! The sizes and prices listed are intended as a guide and if you would like a size that is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide a quote.

Basic Apex Shed Flat Pack
1.83 x 1.22m (6' x 4')
£675 incl. VAT
Basic Apex/Pent Shed Flat Pack
2.14m x 1.5m (7' x 5')
£770 incl. VAT
Basic Apex/Pent Shed Includes Delivery & Install
1.83 x 1.22m (6' x 4')
£940 incl. VAT
Basic Apex/ Pent Shed Includes Delivery & Install
2.14m x 1.5m (7' x 5')
£1035 incl. VAT

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