Most outbuildings such as sheds, summerhouses, garages and greenhouses are considered to be permitted development. Therefore they do not normally require planning permission unless:-

  • The outbuilding is proposed to be on land forward of an original wall forming the principal elevation.
  • The position for the building is within grounds of a listed building.
  • The position is to the side of the house on Designated Land, i.e. National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Areas and National Parks.
  • The building is within 2m of a boundary of your house and it is more than 2.5m high.
  • The building will be more than 2.5m to eaves, more than 4m total height with a pitched roof, or more than 3m height with any other type of roof.
  • The building is more than one storey high.
  • The proposed building plus any other existing buildings or extensions will take up more than 50% of the total area of land around the original house.

There are other restrictions concerning proposed use but that can be checked with your local planning authority.

If the building has a floor area between 15 square metres and 30 square metres then it should be situated no less than 1m from any boundary to comply with building regulations.

Some properties may have their Permitted Developments withdrawn. You can easily check your building status with your local planning authority.

More information on planning regulations can be found on the UK Government Planning Portal: