Log Cabin Living Roof


Green Roof

Sedum Roofing System

Why not add a touch of nature to your log cabin with a living roof. With many benefits, a living roof for your log cabin will add natural lustre, insulation, and soundproofing. 

Sedum matting is a landscaping material used by architects, garden designers and roofing contractors to create living roofs quickly and easily.

The pre-grown mats are despatched with at least 95% plant coverage

With good drainage and plenty of sunshine, whether it’s on a roof or on the ground, sedum matting is remarkably easy to care for and will give you an attractive roof all year round.

Why buy a Living Roof for your Log Cabin?

✔ Great for wildlife - Sedum plants are particularly rich in pollen and nectar and are a great food source for bees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies. This in turn attracts birds who also eat the seedheads and use spent flower stalks as  nesting material.

Rainwater management - In towns and cities, up to 75% of rain-water becomes runoff. A living roof will absorb much of the rain that falls on it and lower the risk of flooding. 

Solar energy - If you have PV panels on your roof a layer of plants will lower the surface temperature in the summer making them far more efficient.

Insulation - Insulates against heat and cold saving on heating and air conditioning bills.

Soundproofing - A sedum green roof can potentially halve the amount of noise pollution entering a building. For people who appreciate peace and quiet, a green roof is ideal for a garden office or studio.

Good looks - Living roofs can help blend a building with its surroundings or transform it into an outstanding feature. Easy to install and maintain, sedum will flower for a good six months of the year and maintain its amazing textural foliage all year round.


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