How to Pick the Best Shed for You

With so many different types of sheds available it can be difficult to decide what shed will be right for you. Generally the deciding factors are size, shape and most importantly: cost. Here at NFF we focus on the higher end of sheds, as we believe cheap sheds are a false economy. Purchasing a shed for £200 might seem like a great idea, even if you don’t mind replacing it every five years. However the reality is that these sheds are built to inferior standards and once they begin to fall apart, your tools, lawnmower and garden furniture will be exposed to the elements. This means it isn’t the simple cost of replacing the shed, but it is the actual cost of replacing the contents which can be vastly more expensive than purchasing a quality shed in the first place. Our philosophy is: Why buy a shed that will last five years, when you can buy one that can last a lifetime? This is one of the central consideration we have when we design, procure and supply sheds.


This guide will provide you with the information you need to help pick the best shed for you, in terms of design and features. Some sheds do look identical, but there are key differences in terms of function and purpose. We will first look at the two main types of roofs: Pent and Apex.


Pent Sheds

Popular Pent Shed

The pent-roofed sheds feature a single sloping surface for a roof. The door typically sits on the shorter side end, which then leaves the front panel tall with just the windows. A pent shed in this configuration is ideal to sit parallel to an end wall or fence, so that the glazed front faces the garden. The Popular Pent (pictured above) is our entry level pent-roofed shed and allows for the placement of the door to be configured to either the short ends, or either the left-hand side or right-hand side on the front. Sizes range from 6 ‘x 4′ up to 10′ x 8’ with a good few choices in between. This pent shed is ideal when space is at a premium.

Notton ShedThe Notton Pent has a few upgrades over the Popular Pent, which aren’t necessarily clear at first glance. Firstly the building features diagonal bracing which improves rigidity and security. This is an ideal feature if the shed is to be sited in an area where strong winds are frequent, such as coastal areas or on top of hills. Secondly the floor is strengthened using thicker 50x50mm floor joists, allowing for the storage of heavier items and overall durability. Thirdly the building comes with much more customisation options. The door has a total of eight different placements, including the centre on the high-side face. The window can also be moved to the read low-side of the building. The range of sizes on this model spans from 6′ x 4′ to a huge 20′ x 8′.

Premier Pent Shed

The Premier is our top-tier model of pent shed, featuring strong 50x50mm framing throughout the floors and walls. Stronger 75x50mm timbers are used in the roof framing providing an ever greater level of rigidity. Double doors allow the storage of larger items and can be placed on either of the shorter sides or the larger facing side, depending on the design of the garden. The opening window means that this shed can be used as a workshop, even during the warmer summer months. Sizes range from 8′ x 8′ to 20′ x10′.

Apex Sheds

Popular Apex Shed

Apex sheds feature a classic pitched roof in which the two sloped surfaces meet at a central apex. A garden favourite due to its symmetrical shape and it makes more of a statement than its understated sibling, the pent shed. Similarly to the pent shed, there are several types increasing in quality and the changes aren’t noticeable at first glance. The Popular Apex (pictured) is the entry level of this variety of shed. The position of the door and windows can be switched to the side of your preference. As with all of our sheds, there are a good range of sizes available, with this particular model starting at 6′ x 4′ ranging to 12′ x 8′.

Ultra Shed

The Ultra is a slightly different design than a typical apex shed. Typically the gable runs parallel to the longer side, however in this design it is along the shorter side. This then gives the front of the building a wide face, which allows for the door to be positioned on the left, right or centre. This shed features diagonal bracing improvements to the structure along with 50x50mm tanalised floor joists. This gives a shed that is not only pleasing to the eye, but functional and durable as well.

Supreme Shed

The Supreme features a full 50x50mm framing providing a strong structure to withstand even more adverse weather conditions. The shed is designed with function in mind, which can be seen with the double doors and opening windows. This provides a great working space for DIY projects, or perhaps starting ones own business. The height of this shed is up to 2.7m which allows for the storage of larger items than in smaller sheds. There is even the option to have shelves built in! sizes range from 8′ x 8′ up to a huge 20′ x 10′.

Potting Sheds

Suntrap ShedPotter ShedPotting sheds are perfect for the gardening enthusiast. With large glass fronts with shelves as standard, this provides a great place to start the seasons seeds off in a greenhouse-like environment. There’s plenty of room on the rear wall to hang spades and garden forks, with additional storage on the lower shelves for smaller items such as trowels, bulbs or buckets. The Suntrap (pictured top) and the Potter are identical in specification, with 50x50mm tanalised floor joists and diagonal bracing to provide a strong structure. The only difference between these two models is their appearance, so it’s up to you to decide which fits your garden.

Corner Sheds

Popular Corner Shed

These sheds don’t need a lot of explaining. They are a cross between a space-saving and aesthetic design. The roof slopes off the rear corner out of sight. The two models available from us are the Popular Corner Shed and the Clayton. The Popular Corner (pictured) is the entry level corner shed with fixed windows and basic frame-work. The Clayton features the diagonal bracing and the 50x50mm floor joists for a superior structure. The Clayton also features a wider opening door for easier access for garden furniture, lawnmowers or the important barbecue. Both models are available in either 6′ x 6′, 7′ x 7′ or 8′ x 8′.

Timeless Sheds

Timeless Georgian Shed

The Timeless line of sheds are our upmarket or ‘posh’ line of sheds. As official retailers of these sheds, you won’t find designs like these available anywhere else in Kent, Sussex or the surrounding South East. Built using a superior strength frame and metal composite tiles the Georgian (pictured above) is an apex shed, but with a superior appearance and top of the line structure.

Timeless Pod Shed

The Pod takes its design from the ever fashionable glamping pods. With its domed roof the appearance of this shed is much more eye-catching than the standard line of sheds. The frame of this shed provides an incredibly robust structure. The roof can be extended to provide a small canopy at the front and rear. The inside can be insulated and lined to provide both an attractive finish and the possibility of using this stunning structure as a place to sleep. If you are concerned about planning, the building can be ordered at a height of 2.5m which typically is planning friendly.

Post and Beam

The Post & Beam features a Douglas Fir frame and is planed feather edge cladding. This cladding is painted in a rich cream that contrasts with the frame. The roof is tiled using a metal composite, which is far more durable than standard roofing felt. With the overhang at the front this shed can be use as a great place to relax and enjoy the sun. Sizes range from 6′ x 11′ to 12′ x 12′.

Final Notes

Hopefully this guide has simplified the types of sheds we offer, however if you still have any questions please contact us. We also offer a comprehensive bespoke building service, so we can design a shed to match the individual character of your garden. We offer a shed-removal service and a base laying service, so if you require either we are always happy to quote. Site visits can be arranged on requests, so we can understand your individual needs.