Bespoke Log Cabins – A Journey

There is often an incorrect assumption that a bespoke log cabin is a costly and difficult process. Up to half of the cabins we supply and install are bespoke. These range from typical garden log cabins to large school builds. We understand that everyone has a specific need when it comes to their log cabin, whether that be the purpose of the cabin, or that perfect place it is intended to sit. We love helping customers get the log cabin of their dream and this article will outline how simple the process is.

Starts with a sketch

Firstly, we require a very simple sketch to work from. All the sketch needs to do is show the overall dimensions, any additional rooms, window and door placement. From this we can produce some preliminary CAD drawings for you to see and make any amendments if required.

Below are some samples of a variety of log cabins and timber buildings we have drawn for customers:


We are happy to make alterations to the design, for example if you require larger windows, we can place them in the drawing. If you wanted an overhang, we can add that too! At this stage in the process, the main aim is to get the design correct in terms of size and position of the windows and doors. We would also arrange a site visit to your property at this point, to get an overall understanding on where the building will be positioned. This is important in terms of exposure, drainage and base requirements. Different buildings in different locations can potentially bring difficulties further down the line. Some of our competitors neglect this stage of the process. However as we are passionate about making the right building for you, we insist on seeing the site before continuing on to the next step.

Finalising the design

Once we have completed the site and finalised the aesthetic design, we move onto the practical design. This is where we can work out the exact specification, the materials required, and the all important price! From this we can create more detailed technical drawings which we can manufacture to. Below is an example of a building we installed very recently in Seaford, East Sussex. A fantastic design, incorporating two summerhouses, a storage shed and a canopy on the left hand .

Web10-1 Web10-2

At this stage if you are happy with the design, you can place an order. Typically our schedule is very busy, and the lead time is 6-8 weeks, which is important to bear in mind. If you have an important upcoming event, it’s far better to order sooner rather than later!


Once the building has arrived, we will call to book a date for delivery. We can provide the building as supply only, but we recommend one of our experienced team of installers complete this part of the project. As timber is prone to expansion and contraction, our installers understand the best methods to overcome such issues. Seaford Cabin 2

Seaford Cabin

The above two images show the completed build in Seaford. A fantastic design by our customer, which is made to measure and adds a great feature to their garden.


We cannot stress enough how important is it to apply one coat of the free can of wood preserver – followed by at least two coats of a proprietary wood stain (we recommend Protek). A full detailed guide on why this is necessary can be found in the our Log Cabin Maintenance and Care Guide.

If you have problems with the building, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We like to ensure that our customers are 100% happy with their purchase.