Free Fungicidal Treatment

We supply you with FREE Fungicidal Protek wood preserver treatment for the exterior of your cabin.

We recommend two coats to protect your building. The Log cabins should ideally be coated immediately after installation.

What is Protek made of?

Protek Wood Preserver is a waterborne product based on modified vegetable oil.

What does Protek do?

Protek’s active ingredients are effective against wood destroying and wood discolouring fungi.

How does it work?

Protek works by penetrating wood easily and thereby gets deep into its’ inner layers.

It is moisture regulating and provides an adhesive surface (priming base coat) for subsequent treatment with finishing paints (top coat).

It acts against wood destroying and wood staining fungi (blue stain), according to EN152, EN113, EN73, EN84 and conforms to EN71 parts 2 & 3 relating to child toy safety and flammability. After drying it is odourless.


How long does it take to dry?

Protek dries in 12 hours under normal conditions. Allow a minimum of 24 hours drying time under normal conditions before application of a top coat. Drying time will be far longer in cold humid conditions.


How long will the wood preserver last?

Protek wood preserver can last up to 5 years.

If you are staining (clear or colour) your building we recommend an annual coat.