The Contemporary Garden Office

An NFF Ltd. Garden Office is a stylish building created by our design team to suit your professional needs.

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular with longer commute times and difficult and costly rail links.  A garden office is an affordable long term solution that will quickly pay for itself. You can enjoy the convenience of working from home without the disruption of working inside the house.

The contemporary garden office has a flat roof and is under 2.5m in height, so it's planning permission friendly.


Planning Permission Friendly

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  • Roof, walls and floor insulated with Celotex board.
  • EPDM RubberCover roof - 20 year life expectancy
  • Wall panels made with air gap, fitted with a moisture resisting vapour barrier.
  • 2495mm high
  • Moisture resistant 18mm internal floor boarding
  • Windows are anthracite/white windows/doors. Other colours available on request.
  • Internal walls and roof covered with 9mm bead & butt boarding
  • Ex 19mm pressure treated TGV redwood exterior cladding.
  • Includes a premium quality patio door and window.
  • Additional windows at extra cost
  • Rear guttering and down-pipe
  • Free premium electrical pack includes*: – 6 internal and 2 external down-lights – 4 double sockets – 1 consumer unit * 2.4m x 2.4m and 2.4m x 3m Sizes do not have a porch/glazed return. These sizes do not have external lights. Additional window £450 *Does not include supply to mains
Garden Office  
Size in MSize in FtPrice
2.4m x 2.4m8ft X 8ft£5,850
2.4m x 3m8ft x 10ft£6,850
2.4m x 3.6m8ft x 12ft£7,450
2.4m x 4.2m8ft x 14ft£,9250
2.4m x 4.8m8ft x 16ft£9,750
3m x 3.6m10ft x 12ft£9,150
3m x 4.2m10ft x 14ft£10,150
3m x 4.8m10ft x 16ft£10,450
3m x 5.4m10ft x 18ft£11,300
3m x 6m10ft x 20ft£12,200
FREE Delivery & installation within 40 mile radius of TN21 9HJ
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Why an NFF Garden Office is superior to competitors

✔ We use an EDPM rubber roof - not fibre glass, which is prone to cracking. EDPM allows for a better finish

✔ We use Celotex insulation boards - providing a higher insulation rating than Rock Wool, found in some competitors' buildings.

We pride ourselves on using the best materials available - in many cases better than our competitors.




Floor boarding

Moisture resistant 18mm boarding12mm boarding

Roof joists:

6' x 2' pressure treated timber3' x 2' pressure treated timber

External cladding:

16mm finished size,
tongue and groove KDAT (kiln-dried after treatment)
12mm boarding

Internal cladding:

9mm bead and butt boarding5mm matchboard