5 Ideas for Setting up the Perfect Home Gym

Do you feel the need to join a gym, but shy away from commercial gym contracts, the lack of privacy and expensive monthly payments?

Why not make your own gym at home.   With no gym fees or travel costs, you will also have the convenience to work out in your own time with no excuses. It could be the best investment for mind, body, and wallet this year!

Here are our 5 top tips to hit the ground running with your home gym set up.

1.Choose the right space

It would be very handy if you have a spare room in your home for a gym space, ideally somewhere where you won’t be disturbed while working out. Other options could be an outside building like a disused garage or purpose-built garden building like a log cabin or contemporary style insulated garden room. Preferably space where you don’t need to share it with anyone else!


 2. The Equipment

Gym equipment doesn’t need to cost the earth. There are some great deals on eBay and Shpock for second-hand bench presses, treadmills, cross trainers & bikes. Colourful stability balls and weights are ideal to add some vibrancy and can be stored neatly along walls and in the corners. Ideally, your floor needs to be strong and equipment friendly. Gym equipment can have a harsh effect on floors so it would need to be reinforced with some sound-proofing to form a ‘cushion’. Various options include carpet, inter-lockable foam tiles or a thick vinyl.

3. Accessories

Once you’ve decided on your equipment you can have fun adding the final touches with some clever accessorising. There’s no reason why your home gym can’t have the same appearance as a professional gym. A mirror is a good addition if you like to see how you are working or just like posing!  You may consider adding some shelves for a bottle of water, towels and a stock of protein bars. Why not use the wall space for a TV, speakers and a fan.  For the winter months, you may spoil yourself with a heater timed to turn on half an hour before your gym session.

4. Inspirational impact

There’s nothing like some words of wisdom to change your mindset. If you feel you need some motivation, you could add some words of inspiration with some positive wall art phrases.

5. Use it   

Having set up your home-gym, you can set to work toning and losing weight.  Start off slowly and build up into a regular exercise routine.  You will be amazed how quickly you will see a difference.  If you start now you will be ready to show off your body with confidence this summer!