5 Ideas for Setting up the Perfect Home Gym

Do you feel the need to join a gym, but shy away from commercial gym contracts, the lack of privacy and expensive monthly payments?

Why not make your own gym at home.   With no gym fees or travel costs, you will also have the convenience to work out in your own time with no excuses. It could be the best investment for mind, body, and wallet this year!

Here are our 5 top tips to hit the ground running with your home gym set up.

1.Choose the right space

It would be very handy if you have a spare room in your home for a gym space, ideally somewhere where you won’t be disturbed while working out. Other options could be an outside building like a disused garage or purpose-built garden building like a log cabin or contemporary style insulated garden room. Preferably space where you don’t need to share it with anyone else!


 2. The Equipment

Gym equipment doesn’t need to cost the earth. There are some great deals on eBay and Shpock for second-hand bench presses, treadmills, cross trainers & bikes. Colourful stability balls and weights are ideal to add some vibrancy and can be stored neatly along walls and in the corners. Ideally, your floor needs to be strong and equipment friendly. Gym equipment can have a harsh effect on floors so it would need to be reinforced with some sound-proofing to form a ‘cushion’. Various options include carpet, inter-lockable foam tiles or a thick vinyl.

3. Accessories

Once you’ve decided on your equipment you can have fun adding the final touches with some clever accessorising. There’s no reason why your home gym can’t have the same appearance as a professional gym. A mirror is a good addition if you like to see how you are working or just like posing!  You may consider adding some shelves for a bottle of water, towels and a stock of protein bars. Why not use the wall space for a TV, speakers and a fan.  For the winter months, you may spoil yourself with a heater timed to turn on half an hour before your gym session.

4. Inspirational impact

There’s nothing like some words of wisdom to change your mindset. If you feel you need some motivation, you could add some words of inspiration with some positive wall art phrases.

5. Use it   

Having set up your home-gym, you can set to work toning and losing weight.  Start off slowly and build up into a regular exercise routine.  You will be amazed how quickly you will see a difference.  If you start now you will be ready to show off your body with confidence this summer!

Christmas Shutdown


Welly Boot Store

We've launched a new product...a handy welly boot store. Made here in our workshop in Horam.

It's great for storing wellies and some garden tools.

• Pressure Treated Timber
• Redwood Shiplap Panels
• Internal Pegs for Handy Storage
• Heavy Duty Mineral Felt Roof
• Pressure Treated Timber
• Choice of Stencil Design

Size: 166cm (H) 62cm (D) 72cm (W)

Boot store supplied unpainted.

Only £195 including VAT (Collection Only)

Ex-Display SALE

Our Ex-display building Sale has started at Merriments Garden Centre in Hurst Green, East Sussex TN21 7RA

Log cabins, Summerhouses, Sheds, Stables and Field Shelters with massive discounts.

Visit us at Eridge Horse Trials 15th -16th July 2017

Eridge Horse Trials 15th-16th July 2017

This weekend (15th-16th July) we will be exhibiting at the historic Eridge Horse Trials & Country Market.

Eridge Horse Trials have been going for 24 years, as well as the horse trials there is a lovely country market on both days and a dog show on Sunday.

We’ll be there with our new cottage garden office, The Retreat, and our beautiful ornate stable.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Airbnb in your garden?

The Flimwell Log Cabin
The Flimwel

Airbnb is big business nowadays. It all started with a couple of guys in the US renting out 3 blow up mattresses in their flat to help pay their rent.

You may have considered renting out one of your spare rooms to strangers but do you mind sharing your home with people you’ve never met?  The ideal option is to use your garden instead.

If you have some outside space, why not install a smart timber ‘shed’ or a beautiful Scandinavian-style log cabin to rent out.  These buildings are sympathetic to the environment and don’t need to cost much.  They are quick to install enabling your business to be up and running within a few weeks.  If you want them to be appealing for all-round use, a wood-burning stove will be a good selling point.

Building an investment

The building will be an investment and won’t take long to pay for itself as the guests start rolling in.  It will add value and market appeal to your property as it could serve as an office or granny annex as well as a revenue stream.

Things to consider

Many guests are happy to pay a premium for self-contained accommodation as most people like having their own space.  Staying in someone else’s home can feel awkward and restrictive.

If you don’t have space for a kitchen, you could offer ‘breakfast in a bag’.  A fresh croissant, piece of fruit and a juice with maybe a cereal bar would be a nice touch.

Who to target

Business travelers are a good market to focus on.  Wi-Fi is essential if you want to attract corporate guests, ideally free of charge.  They also require a workstation, chargers for laptops and phones and a smartphone docking station.


Regular travelers appreciate a comfortable bed and peace and quiet so they can relax and wake up fresh for the next day.

Room with a view

Nice views are another consideration.  If you site a building in your garden, consider what the outlook is.  Unless you have natural views to enjoy, a pretty flower bed or some flowering tubs lift the spirits.  Bird feeders are another popular addition to help relax your guests.

It is best to keep the inside of the building simple and easy to clean.  A few personal touches such as fresh flowers and maybe some tasty biscuits are always appreciated.

If you would like any ideas for creating your own Airbnb ‘shed’ or cabin, contact our friendly team at NFF Ltd…..


Airbnb is a fast-growing industry, ticking boxes for both the traveler and the host.  It is reported that 88% of Airbnb’s reservations are for groups of 2-4 people and 60% for the entire home/apartment.

If you are starting out as an Airbnb host, you need to consider whether this a casual arrangement for earning a bit of extra money or whether you are looking to ultimately make it your main source of income.  You can start off in a small way and look to build on your success as your reputation as a good host grows.

When you think about it, what could be easier?

Animal Housing

Animal Housing for our Pets

We animal owners have the right to be fussy when it comes to housing for our pets. 

It is important we ensure there is plenty of space for our animals to move around with good airflow but not draughts.  Natural sunlight is important for good health.

Depending upon whether the animals are to be kept in the housing for short or long periods, there should be an adequate exercise/day area and a smaller, cosier night time space for sleeping.

Keeping happy chickens

If housing poultry, it is imperative that the mesh is fox proof.  The building needs to be robust to ensure good protection from the weather.  For chickens, a sloping egg laying compartment is a useful addition as it helps to prevent the chickens pecking the eggs and makes collection easy from the outside of the shed.

Rabbit runs

Smaller domestic animals have unique their requirements.  Rabbits are renowned for digging so their runs should have a mesh base to prevent this.  Remember to allow enough height for the rabbits to leap around and have their inquisitive moments when they stand on their hind legs with the ears in the air.  They also love to run so try to allow as much space as you can for them.

Best locations for animal housing 

Give some thought to where you will be positioning your building as you don’t want to face it into the prevailing wind nor do you want it in full sun.  Damp areas can breed disease so need to be avoided too.

Bear in mind you will need to get inside the building yourself for cleaning purposes.  You may choose to have a separate access door and enough height to save hitting your head.

If you are concerned about the animal escaping, an outer and an inner door would be worth considering.  This concept of an inner ‘porch’ would be recommended for catteries and aviaries.

Everyone has their own ideas on what size and shape of building is ideal for them and how they would like to look.  An attractive building is something to be proud of as well as something functional.

Give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to advise.

10 Reasons to persuade your boss to let you work from home

1.Train strikes

In the UK, 269,000 man days were lost between January and October 2016 due to train strikes. What will the statistics be for 2017 and beyond?

2. Roadworks

33% of drivers are late for work because of roadworks. With an increased number of government road projects this will only get worse.

3. Hire top talent

Steal the best employees from your competitors and entice them with home working. They will jump at the chance and you won’t need to offer them an inflated wage.

4. No geographical limits

How many times have you missed out on the best employees because of where they live? Tools like GoToMeeting and Skype means that is no longer a problem. Relocation costs can be expensive and are disruptive to families.

5. Happy employees don’t quit

Nearly everyone who has the chance to work from home wouldn’t dream of giving it up. By allowing your employees this opportunity will increase loyalty.

6. Increased efficiency

Working from home is believed to be 13% more productive compared with their in-office counterparts.

7. Time wasted at work

43% of time wasted at work is spent socialising with colleagues.

8. Stress related illness

Long hours of commuting, especially if you’re driving, is associated with high blood pressure, Musculoskeletal disorders, increased anger and resentment at work, absenteeism, lateness, and an ability to concentrate and perform to the same standards as those who live in much closer proximity to the workplace. Long commutes can also increase the risk of heart attacks, flu, depression etc.
25.9 million days were lost to work-related illness in 2015/16.
Employees who are mildly sick can still get their work done and won’t be spreading their illness.

9. Family pressures

Long hours spent travelling to and from work can strain family life to the point of breaking with children’s bedtimes regularly missed and relationships breaking down.

10. Save money on office space

Employees working from home means less office space is needed. Stagger the days’ employees work from home if you need them in the office if full time telecommuting isn’t an option.