Like a large number of the UK workforce, you may have spent the past few weeks working from home instead of going to the office.

When it is sprung on us, it is a matter of making do and it often means compromising our living space.  If it’s not the kids’ shouting and making demands for food and attention, it might be the cat jumping on the keyboard or the dog asking to be let out.  Trying to concentrate when family life continues around us can be nigh on impossible.  Constant interruptions make it really challenging and can result in frayed tempers and a loss of productivity.

Working from the dining table can be a short term solution but apart from the inconvenience to the household, it isn’t ideal for your back health either.  We often spend many hours each day sitting at our computers.  If we don’t have the correct chair or desk for the purpose, it can cause back pain and related problems.


Office space of your own

There is also a lot to be said for having a defined finish time for work at the end of each day.  To be able to close the office door and walk away is an important part of separating work from home life.  Added to that, it’s nice to have the peace of mind that everything can be left undisturbed and ready to pick up the next morning.

None of us know how life will change as a result of COVID-19 and when we will feel safe to resume our commute to the office, which is often shared with others.  Bosses may realize that many of their staff can successfully work from home which is proven to cut down on sick days and stress levels


Time saver

From the business owner’s perspective, staff working from home can dramatically reduce overheads.  If all employees were to change from office-based to home-based, there would be no requirements for office premises, toilets, cleaning costs, car parking, and more.

How many hours do you waste each month commuting to and from work?  The stress of traffic jams and the unexpected challenges of train delays or road accidents.  What would you give to have these hours for yourself to spend as you choose?

Flexible space

Maybe now is the time to seriously consider getting yourself an affordable self-contained office that can be designed to suit your specific requirements.  It can be as small or large as you wish and the size can be adjusted to fit the space your garden allows.  Think of the benefits of having a commute-free working day that gives you a smart place to work, separate from your living space.


Staying safe

The employee would also benefit from no commute time and no travel costs.  Incidental spending like cups of coffee on the way to and from work along with sandwiches for lunch all add up.  Exposure to germs from fellow commuters or work colleagues would no longer be a worry.  If you currently run a car for the express reason of getting to work, that could be sold to give you a substantial and immediate saving.

Thanks to facilities such as Zoom, there are many tried and tested options to connect with people without leaving the comfort of your home.  If nothing else, COVID-19 has taught us to be resourceful and ‘think out of the box’.

Do the sums, and think of what you would stand to gain from this exciting life-change.

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