Animal Housing

Animal Housing for our Pets

We animal owners have the right to be fussy when it comes to housing for our pets. 

It is important we ensure there is plenty of space for our animals to move around with good airflow but not draughts.  Natural sunlight is important for good health.

Depending upon whether the animals are to be kept in the housing for short or long periods, there should be an adequate exercise/day area and a smaller, cosier night time space for sleeping.

Keeping happy chickens

If housing poultry, it is imperative that the mesh is fox proof.  The building needs to be robust to ensure good protection from the weather.  For chickens, a sloping egg laying compartment is a useful addition as it helps to prevent the chickens pecking the eggs and makes collection easy from the outside of the shed.

Rabbit runs

Smaller domestic animals have unique their requirements.  Rabbits are renowned for digging so their runs should have a mesh base to prevent this.  Remember to allow enough height for the rabbits to leap around and have their inquisitive moments when they stand on their hind legs with the ears in the air.  They also love to run so try to allow as much space as you can for them.

Best locations for animal housing 

Give some thought to where you will be positioning your building as you don’t want to face it into the prevailing wind nor do you want it in full sun.  Damp areas can breed disease so need to be avoided too.

Bear in mind you will need to get inside the building yourself for cleaning purposes.  You may choose to have a separate access door and enough height to save hitting your head.

If you are concerned about the animal escaping, an outer and an inner door would be worth considering.  This concept of an inner ‘porch’ would be recommended for catteries and aviaries.

Everyone has their own ideas on what size and shape of building is ideal for them and how they would like to look.  An attractive building is something to be proud of as well as something functional.

Give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to advise.